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Lost Mary Disposable Vapes

The Lost Mary BM600 disposable vapes range was launched in the UK in April 2022 and was one of the very first ‘box-style’ disposables to enter the market. Following a successful launch, Lost Mary then added to their offering by releasing a more traditional pen-style disposable range – their AM600 – as well as a modern looking and slightly wider proportioned QM600 vape device range.

Designed to deliver a smooth nicotine hit via a mesh coil, the Lost Mary is a non-rechargeable, disposable vape with an internal pre-filled tank containing nic-salt-based e-liquid. Lost Mary’s vary on size, with each BM600/QM600 being designed to last the equivalent of up to 20 traditional cigarettes (or 600 puffs).

20mg Lost Mary BM600 – Disposable Vape Device – 600 Puffs – Various Flavours


20mg Lost Mary QM600 – Disposable Vape Device – 600 Puffs – Various Flavours


Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

No. Lost Mary disposables cannot be recharged or refilled. Making an effort to do so is dangerous and should never be attempted.

You’ll know when a Lost Mary is finished by comparing a few factors. If you’ve used your device for around 600 puffs it’s likely that the device has either run out of e-liquid, run out of battery, or both. If you find that your device has not lasted nearly as long as it should have, the liquid may have been tilted out of the coil, so we advise that you move the device around a bit to get the coil to absorb any liquid that may have drained from a prolonged storage where it’s been in your bag. If you find that neither of these factors relates to your situation, you may have a fake device. You can check if your device is legitimate here:

Lost Mary devices are shaped differently from other devices you’ll see out there because they have created them with ease and attraction in mind. They have a minimalist design that fits in your pockets with ease. It stands out and defines their brand.
Currently, we do not stock a Lost Mary device that has no nicotine. Stay posted though!